Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dearest Infant Jesus, with all my heart I cling to You.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Graces Received from the Infant of Prague

Oh generous Infant Jesus, I prostrate myself before Your miraculous image and give my thanks to You for all the graces that I have received. I shall always prasie Your infinite mercy, and I confess that You are my God, my Helper, and my Protector. From here onward I shall place my trust in You and publically proclaim Your kingship and generosity; then everybody shall realize Your great love and the miracles that You have shown through this image. They shall honor and worship Your Infancy full of grace, in increasing numbers, and their hearts will remain in never-ending gratitude toward Your holy Infancy, which be hailed and praised in eternity. Amen

Monday, May 08, 2006

Catholic Mosaic Available May 19

Hillside is proud to announce the publication of

Catholic Mosaic

Living the Liturgical Year with Literature,
An illustrated book study for
Catholic children

by Cay Gibson

The book includes study guides for 52 children’s picture books and is organized by themes in the liturgical year.

But it’s much more than that . . . this book is a treasure that you can mine for years, a mosaic of great ideas and activities to make the year of the Church come alive for your children.

Here is a sample from February, the feast of Sts. Benedict and Scholastica represented by the book The Holy Twins. (There are 52 guides like this in the book!)

The Holy Twins

Written by Kathleen Norris/ illustrated by Tomie dePaola

Feast Days: February 10 and 11






















Discussion Questions

1. Find the town of Nursia in northern Italy and label it on your map.

2. What day of the year is the feast day of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica?

3. Why did others try to poison St. Benedict?

4. Where did St. Scholastica learn all the things her brother had learned from his travels? Why did she find this amusing?

5. Go back to the front of the book where the author and illustrator have their dedications. On the right hand side of the spread is a circular symbol with the initials “C. S. P.” and “B.” in it. Look at the bottom of the dedications on the lefthand side to find out what the letters stand for. What does the circular symbol stand for?


One must listen to others with the ‘ear of the heart.
—Scholastica’s advice to her brother in
The Holy Twins by Kathleen Norris

Parent’s Help Page
The Holy Twins


1. Look for pictures of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica on each page of the book. Illustrator Tomie dePaola took special care to draw these two saints on each page.

2. Make a list of religious images found in book.

Discussion Answers

  1. Help child locate Nursia, Italy, on globe or map and then label it on a world map.
  2. St. Scholastica’s feast day is on February 10.
    St. Benedict’s feast day is on February 11.
  3. They were jealous of St. Benedict and wanted to get rid of him.
  4. “. . . she had learned by trial and error in her own monastery.” She found this amusing because as she says, “Isn’t it funny, Brother, that you had to travel all over Italy to learn some of the things I discovered by staying in one place!”
  5. The letters “C. S. P.” and “B.” stand for Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti, or Cross of the Holy Father Benedict. The symbol is the Cross of St. Benedict.

Enrichment Activities

  1. Trace the Cross of St. Benedict on a blank sheet of paper. Then color it so that it looks like the one in the book. Place this is your Liturgical Year Notebook.

  2. Build a simple “ladder” using popsicle sticks. Make sure there are 12 rungs on your ladder. Glue your ladder on a sheet of construction paper, and write “St. Benedict’s Ladder of Humility” at the top of the page. Then, with a pen or marker, label each rung:

    1. Practice Fear and Remembrance of God
    2. Follow the Example of the Savior
    3. Obey to God and His Church
    4. Be Patient and Endure
    5. Confess One’s Sins
    6. Be Content
    7. Consider Yourself Lower Than Others
    8. Follow the Example of the Saints
    9. Restrain Your Tongue
    10. Be Serious-Minded
    11. Use Few and Gentle Words
    12. Practice Humility of the Heart
Copyright 2006 Hillside Education Catholic Mosaic
Thanks to all those who placed pre-orders for this title! The first half will ship May 18 and the rest on May 19. The pre-order period is now closed.