Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Issue e-mailed!

Dear Readers,
I apologize for the delay in getting this issue out. It ought to be easier now that we are digital, right? Well, we are still homeschooling families trying to pull this off amid our schooling schedules, sick kids, and stressed out husbands, etc etc etc. So, we are late.

But it was finally e-mailed last week! Unfortunately, I had 69 bounce back to me with bad email addresses. If you didn't receive an email with a link to download the issue, please contact me so I can get your correct email. Also, I have about another 60 subscribers for whom I have never had an email on file. I'll be contacting those people by mail over this coming week to get a good delivery address. 

Thanks to all of you who are sticking with us in this new era! We will be offering the coming issues in various e-reader compatible files, but this one is a straight pdf, which I think you can still read on your personal devices.

Hope you enjoy the issue!!
God bless,