Friday, February 16, 2007

New for the Spring

We have a lot of books in the works right now, but these four are in production now.

The Father Brown Reader
The first one coming out by April is a book with 4 short story adaptations of Chesterton's Father Brown mysteries. It is intended for a middle grade reader (ags 8-11) or to be read aloud to younger children. Author Nancy Carpentier Brown adapted "The Blue Cross," "The Queer Feet" (called "The Strange Feet" in our version), "The Flying Stars," and "The Absence of Mr. Glass." Ted Schluenderfritz has provided the illustrations. This will be a great book for gift giving!

Intermediate Language Lessons
Yes, we are finally moving ahead with this text. We hope to have it ready for the coming school year. (Please continue to check this blog for updates.) Our version is aligned with the Mother of Divine Grace Syllabi for 4th and 5th grade and includes a completely revised Part 3 that can be used in 6th grade.

Christmas Mosaic
Cay Gibson is at work again, this time preparing a mosaic for experiencing the Advent and Christmas seasons through picture books. The book will include study guides for 20 featured children's books as well as a comprehensive annotated list of other Christmas book resources. Available this summer, possibly sooner.

Sacerdos: The Story of Sir Melchisedech and the Knight of the Holy Mountain
This fairy tale written and illustrated by Sean Fitzpatrick is an allegory of the Mass. It is intended as a middle grade reader or to be read aloud to younger children; available by Christmas time (or sooner!).

We also have a few other things that we are working on, but it may take longer to find the "resources" to get them in print:

Fabiola (edited version recommended in the Mother of Divine Grace Syllabus)
Lives from Plutarch: The Modern American Edition of Twelve Lives by John McFarland
The King's Thane by Charles Brady
The Mass for Children (reprint of a 1925 Mass book)

We appreciate your continued interest in Hillside Education!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Spirit of Gratitude

It's tax time across America and as I wade through piles and piles of the stuff of this last year, I am struck with a great sense of gratitude. I know, I know, I should feel frustrated with organinizing it and satisfying Uncle Sam, but I keep thinking of how much we accomplished in 2006 and the incredibly generous and talented people who made it happen.

So I'm inspired to make a list . . . and it's a good thing I'm not on some award show because I would never make the time limit.

#1 Infant of Prague for continuous support
#2 Husband and children: We are on a grand adventure with lots of twists and turns! I love you!

Partners: Matt and Diane Kuplack. They saved Hillside when it most needed saving.
Donors: Thank you is not enough!!! (Anonymous and incredibly generous!)
Lay-out and gracious, indispensible support: Mary Jo Loboda
Artists: Ted Schluenderfritz, Sean Fitzpatrick, Maureen Van Nostrand
Authors: Cay Gibson, Nancy Carpentier Brown, Madeleine Polland, the family of Charles Brady, the family of Geoffrey Trease
Editor par excellence: Rose Decaen
Proofreading: Jane Elliot
Printers: Katie Luzzi at RR Donnelley in Allentown, Rose Marie at PDQ in Scranton, Amy at Smart Design in Wyoming
Retailers: Theresa Johnson at CHC, Paola Ciskanik at Emmanuel Books, Mark and Anna Hackett at Fountain Resources in Australia, Linda Nelson at Sacred Heart Books and Gifts, Mark Bonds at All Catholic Books, Tom Heldridge at Adoremus Books

Thanks also to the ladies at (Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers).
Thanks to the person, who wishes to remain nameless, who first suggested that I write literature study guides and English books, and who still supports me and pumps me up out of insecurity when I feel like I'm in over my head.

Thanks to all those who have used our products! There is a great line in a prayer that I say to the Infant of Prague every day and I think of you all when I say it:

"Give me the necessary grace to use my temporal goods according to Your will, to employ myself usefully after Your pleasure, and to give joy to my neighbor through love of You . . ."

2006 was an incredibly creative and adventurous year. In my next post, I'll tell you what we're working on for this spring and summer. It all depends of the will of God. Please keep us in your prayers. We have greater ambition than we have resources.
God bless