Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Family Tree

Introducing a wonderful way to get your children writing this year!

Got a great story in your family history? Did your great, great, great, grandmother live by the Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania and have her toddler taken by the Indians in a raid on her farm? Mine did - and it's an exciting story. Many people I've talked to recently have great stories in their past: stories of heroism and faith, stories of fortitude and triumph.

Hillside Education would like to publish a book of narratives of family histories written by students ages 18 and under.

We hope that students will be inspired to research a family story and write a compelling narrative of it. It can be a story from the country of their ancestry; it can be a story from the recent past; a story from a war; a story that shows the dearness of life and the beauty of family.

If we decide to include the story in our book, we will give the family a free copy of the book!

Please email us at for a handout with guidelines.

The deadline is December 6, 2006, the Feast of St. Nicholas.
Happy writing!


chmir2 said...

Hi there -
I am an adoptive mother of 2. Family trees and family stories are difficult topics for our children - not because they are any less "our children" than those that genetically related, but that the family tree is so different. Please consider putting in some "grafting" stories, or stories that are from the adoptee point of view. My children are only 5 & 3, so they are not ready to participate in this project. This sounds like a great project, though!

margot said...

I would love to have some "grafting" stories or those from the adoptee perspective! Please pass this on to any families that you know.