Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chuiraquimba and the Black Robes

by Madeleine Polland

Now in print!!

I am a great fan of Madeleine Polland - in fact, I think I am her greatest fan. I would love to reprint every one of her books for children!

Chuiraquimba and the Black Robes is the latest installment in what I hope to someday call our "Polland library." Set in 1600s Paraguay, it tells the story of the Jesuit missions there and the incredible faith and devotion of the Guarani people. In addition to being a beautiful story about finding the Faith, it sensitively portrays the Guarani and the exploitation of them by the colonizing Spanish and Portuguese. It's a great addition to any historical study of the age of exploration and colonization. Original cover art by Sean Fitzpatrick and cover design by Ted Schluenderfritz.

Visit the website for ordering information.

The next book by Madeleine Polland that we plan to publish is Children of the Red King, her first book for children.

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